Send text or image to 3rd party apps

Open Share menu

You can share each text or image to any other apps, such as Twitter, Notion, email, etc.

To open the Share menu, tap the 3-dot icon. This menu contains not only sharing functions, but also source and text copying.


Tap 3-dot icon to open the Share menu.


Choose Share image or Share text depending on what you want to share to other apps.

Share items


When you select Share image or Share text, you will see a list of Apps where text or images can be shared, and a list of actions such as Copy, Save Image, etc.

For example, let's say you have a draft of a tweet saved in Ikes. In such a case, you can tap the Twitter icon to insert the shared text or image directly into the Twitter post screen.

You can also insert text and a selected image into your email application, Notion's database, etc. Try integrating Ikes with other applications.