Batch export

What is batch export?

You can export a list of ideas together, displayed in the Tags and Sources tab.


You can choose not only text format, but also CSV and TSV formats that can be displayed in a spreadsheet. If images are included, they will be exported as a ZIP file.

You can choose to include timestamps, sources, tags, and images in the exported file or not.

How to export ideas?

Open the Tag or Source tab and select a tag or source to display a list of ideas.

Tap the 3-dot button at the upper right corner, and then select “Export ideas”.


When the Export Settings screen opens, select the type of file you want to save. The default is Text, which will generate a .txt file.

If you want to edit ideas in a spreadsheet, change the file type to CSV or TSV format. You can check the format of the data in the same way.


The format of the data to be saved in the text file can be found in the "DATA FORMAT TO BE EXPORTED" section.

In the "DATA TO BE INCLUDED" section, you can select the data to be included in the export file. If Image is checked, the data will be exported as a zip file with text data and jpg files archived.

Finally, tap "Export" in the upper right corner. This will close the Export Settings screen, and then open the iOS share menu.


Tap “Save to Files” to save the exported file to your iOS device or iCloud Drive. Also you can choose other options to share the exported file including AirDrop, Mail and so on.