Save idea sketches

Hand-drawing/writing is still a great way to think.

We live in an age where it is normal to type our thoughts by tapping on a keyboard, but in some cases, handwriting or drawing is more efficient for thinking.


That's because handwriting is a better means for output that matches the speed of your thoughts compared to the keyboard on your Mac or iPhone.

Take a picture of them and save it in Ikes database


Many people may take a picture of their handwritten text or sketches with the iPhone camera, but it causes the same problem as the screenshot case.

First, it can be frustrating to have such memo pictures scattered around in your photo library with pictures of your family or your adorable dog.

Second, it is very difficult to find the memo picture you are looking for among the large number of images in your photo library. There is no point in taking a memo if you can't find it.

Ikes is the perfect solution to these screenshot memo problems.