Read books alongside Ikes


Ikes is the best quote management app

When you read a paper book or magazine, do you highlight important sentences with a highlighter or jot down notes with a pencil? Or do you write down quotes or thoughts that come to you in a notebook?

It is very important to accumulate knowledge in somewhere from various books and media, because new ideas are born from the combination of existing ideas. However, even when you try to combine existing ideas, it is sad if you forget the ideas themselves or where you wrote them down.

To avoid such inefficiencies, Ikes is a great place to store your notes when you are reading.

Ikes allows you to add source of information/idea and tags as metadata to text and images. This means that you can simultaneously record the name of the book, the name of the author, and the category the idea is related to.

Keeping track of citations is a very useful way to review the context of an idea later on. You can review the book later to see the background of the idea. In addition, the Tag and Source section of Ikes make it easy to find the ideas you have recorded by the name of the book or author, or a category.

Many users save their reading notes in Ikes to make their idea search more efficient. We hope you will try it too.

OCR text in an image

In the near future, we will OCR function to Ikes for a Pro plan. By this feature you can add searchable text to an image caption. Please follow our Twitter account to get update information.