Collect frameworks for productive thinking

What is framework?

In various situations, we create new ideas, organize information, draw conclusions, and think in various ways.

It is difficult to create an idea out of nothing. For this reason, a variety of frameworks have been developed in the business world.


For example, there is a framework called Business Model Canvas.

Using a business model canvas can help you avoid overlooking the main issues to consider for your business.

There are many other frameworks that are used for business analysis such as BCG Matrix, 5-force, ideation, logical thinking, and so on. Many of you may have seen these frameworks in books or blog posts.

Use Ikes as a framework reference book

These frameworks are powerful, but it is not easy to always keep them in mind and use them for your thinking. However, by storing frameworks in Ikes, you can quickly refer to them when you are thinking about something and use them as a reference to come up with ideas.


When you find a framework that you think you can use, take a picture of it with your camera or screenshot and save it in Ikes immediately. It is important to tag it with something like "framework" at this time. Once tagged, when you want to think about something in the future, you can open Ikes and extract the items tagged with framework and look at them to find the best framework.

By using Ikes as a reference book, you will not need to memorize a large amount of information. It is like you got your external memory!